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The Seventh Day is a non-profit organisation, focused on the production and distribution of music projects created by Christadelphian brothers and sisters for both personal meditation and wider use within the community where suitable.

Lyrics are Bible based, with music that seeks to complement the words by giving expression to the many aspects of spiritual life and the challenges of godly living. We believe that our musical heritage has had a powerful place across cultures and the funds raised through these projects are used to buy musical instruments, hymnbooks/songbooks and lessons to assist spiritual music development in mission areas which too often do not get to share in the richness of our community’s music.

The title, "The Seventh Day", is a reference to the Genesis account where God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, and on the seventh day He rested and made it a day of blessing for all of his creation. This points to the greater day when God will restore the earth to be like Eden and bring the long awaited sabbath rest for all his children. We pray that these songs might help carry today’s disciples through their mortal days until their faith is turned to sight and they sing a new song unto God and to the Lamb forever. Amen. 

The current contributors to the music and distribution include James & Charlotte DiLiberto, Phil Rosser, Nathan Coad, Jarrod & Abi Edgecombe, Steph Tappouras, Timon Burney, Luke Jurevicius, Aletheia Burney. 

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