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Where is the old website?

The old website is still available at whilst we move the rest of the content across.

Do you ship internationally?


How do I purchase an album?

Go to the album page and click the buy link under the music player. This will take you to where you can purchase digital and physical copies (if in stock)

How long does it take to post my order?

We post physical items on a weekly basis.

What are the copyright restrictions for content on this site?

All content on this site is free for use in worship meetings including projection of lyrics, printing of sheet music, playing of backing tracks and purchased downloads / albums. We would like the content on this site to be freely used in worship wherever possible. If you use any of the music, let us know, we'd love to hear from you! 

We ask that the content on this site is not sold or distributed from other sources. If you would like to sell or distribute content, please contact us, or simply link to the relevant page on this site.

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