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The Seventh Day - creating music that gives glory to God and Christ and inspires and encourages followers of Jesus

This album contains over 20 original songs written by our team which are made up of epic conference and camp group songs, somber personal reflections, and celebratory praise ballads we hope will inspire and encourage you on your walk.

We have been working on these two collections of songs for a long time. Whilst there are some relatively new songs in recent years, most of these songs were written over the last 8-10 years, with even the first of which written in the 2000s and have now made their way onto this new double album!

Thankfully more than half of the songs have already been published in the latest Blue Worship book so there is already sheet music and chords for them to be immediately used in services and events.

This album was originally crowdfunded by a Pozible campaign:


TSD Collective Team

  • Phil Rosser (piano, keyboards, programming, vocals)

  • Aletheia Burney (piano, keyboards, vocals)

  • James DiLiberto (piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, ukulele, cajon, vocals)

  • Timon Burney (piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, programming, vocals)

Additional Engineering / Production

  • Island Recording Studios (Joseph Cheek, Tom Wormald)

  • Darren Jurevicius


  • Izzy Luke

  • Ruby Jurevicius

  • Elliott O'Callaghan

Guest Composers/Writers

  • Rhiannon Bourke

  • Laura Terrell

  • Jessica Gelineau

  • Steph Tappouras

  • Patrick Tappouras

  • Joseph and Jo Cheek

  • David Hermann

  • Felicity Thomas

  • Danny Hardy

Guest Instrumentalists

  • Joseph Cheek (piano, electric guitars, bass, organ, percussion, programming)

  • Jack Thomson (drums)

  • Reilly Hollamby (drums)

  • Sophie Luxmoore (piano)

  • Rosemary Nath (piano)

  • Jeff Watson (cello)

  • Phil Jamieson (cello)

  • Alita King (violin)

  • Josh Elrom (bassoon)

  • Sam Hicks (trumpet)

  • Jessica Gelineau (cajon)

Guest Singers

  • Hope Harris

  • Levi Myers

  • Jessica Gelineau

  • Levi Gelineau

  • Reilly Hollamby

  • Clayton Hollamby

  • Josh Elrom

  • Jason Kelly

  • Levi Wallace

  • Abi Johnson

  • Liberty Parcell

  • Ruby Parcell

  • Sienna Hollamby

  • Liz Denholm

  • Rosemary Nath

  • Asher Waite

  • Elliott O'Callaghan

  • Charlotte DiLiberto

  • Audrey DiLiberto

  • Elizabeth DiLiberto

  • Sam Hicks

  • Gabrielle Hicks

  • Laura Terrell

  • Lila Terrell

  • Rhiannon Bourke

  • Joseph Cheek

  • Jo Cheek



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